Welcome to the first installment of CRED iQ’s blog series. CRED iQ is a commercial real estate valuation, market analytics and lead generation tool designed for brokers, lenders, appraisers and CRE/capital markets investors.  Developed with leading edge technology, CRED iQ efficiently delivers real-time commercial real estate and market information through a user-friendly interface (www.cred-iq.com). Subscribers have access to a comprehensive data set of distressed and non-distressed assets complete with owner contact details.  Updated monthly, the data includes mortgage, financial and occupancy information, as well as commentary on distressed assets.

The data is housed securely in the cloud and is displayed on a dynamic interface built to help facilitate commercial real estate opportunities.  CRED iQ makes it easy to filter over $765 billion of commercial mortgage data. Users can search by zip code, city, submarket, and MSA, or use the interactive map with street and aerial views. Or users can filter by property type, building size, maturity date, delinquent loans and lease expiration dates.  Search results can be easily exported into .csv and converted to Excel to slice and dice the data to the user’s specifications.

By running a quick search, CRED iQ will generate a targeted list of opportunities specific to the needs of the user. Results are inclusive of ownership information with borrower name, loan guarantor, ownership entity and contact name, phone numbers emails, and addresses.    

CRED iQ uses the expansive market and collateral data to provide real-time valuations for all assets within its database.  Multiple valuation scenarios, income approaches, and discounted cash flows with over 50+ adjustable assumptions backed by 20 years of empirical data are used to derive the market values. 

Users are supplied with submarket and market statistics, cap rates, rent and expense comps as well as the functionality to apply additional stresses to any of the CRED iQ assumptions to arrive at their own valuations. CRED iQ valuations are performed using the same methodology as an MAI-certified appraisal but with more technology to increase accuracy, transparency and confidence. 

To get started with a free trial, please visit www.cred-iq.com, or contact us at team@cred-iq.com.

Please be sure to check back periodically for updates on new tech rollouts as well as industry related research.


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